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Crisis PR & Communication expert and commentator Marina Evseeva, ADVES CEO, writes about popular social media sites which are changing the way companies are share valued by often mischievous pundits, often with disastrous results, in her blog at Finextra.

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Read how US video games company GameStop became entrapped in a boom and then almost bust lifecycle, having to close more than 400 of its retail outlets in the US in 2020 after comments in the WallStreetBets section on Reddit.

Also, when the irrepressible Elon Musk literally had a dog day with popular handicrafts and gifts site Etsy after buying his…

Your brand reputation reflects the degree of trust in your company and affects your business growth. If that reputation comes across as weak or ineffective, then it resonates back to you as a company boss or manager. It gets personal.

Conversely, a robust brand reputation management strategy will help you stay ahead of your rivals and can have a positive impact right down the line, from your hard-working employees to your clients.

At ADVES, we know a thing or two about brand reputation creation and maintenance. In fact, we’ve just been recognised by global analytics and market research company…

For the financial services industry and fintech companies, in particular, reputation management is a key factor in generating new business.

ADVES is increasingly recognised as a global brand in reputation management, and it is clear to us in our daily dealings with new and existing clients that consumers are having more say and influence over companies’ reputations. Good reviews or bad ones can make or break a business.

Important to mention that not only bad but no reviews at all can also have an adverse effect on a potential customer’s first impressions of what you’re all about. People searching online…

Let’s look at the Stages of Image Formation and the Technologies Employed

To form a corporate image, several stages of work need to be completed well. Top of the list is creating image goals. It’s an important passage for the subsequent formation of the image on the Internet.


Then there’s analysing the target audience.

You should make a list of image characteristics. We’re talking about the qualities that need to be presented to the target audience.

Once that’s done, you can determine and examine the ratio of existing characteristics and desired ones. Decide upon what methods of self-presentation (leader or…

Let’s look at the benefits of a Positive Online Image

A well-formed company image will help increase the effectiveness of various endeavours to promote products, make them more valued, desirable and competitive.

Regardless of whether the firm pays attention to the formation and management of the image, it will always take place — positive or negative, more likely the latter for those diverting their resources elsewhere.


You just can’t rely on spontaneity for the development of a good image. …

So, what are the differences between Image and Reputation?

Do the concepts of ‘image’ and ‘reputation’ really differ when it comes to determining a company’s market position?


While these two models of structuring may occupy the same information space — namely, the Internet — and use similar mechanisms for creating pragmatic texts — it’s really where their similarity ends. Therefore it’s time to talk about their differences.

To understand how image and reputation differ, it’s necessary to identify their key definitions.

The image is what is perceived about the company or organisation, while reputation is the assessment or opinion about…


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