How to improve revenue by enhancing your reputation: words of advice from ADVES professionals

4 min readJun 11, 2021


For the financial services industry and fintech companies, in particular, reputation management is a key factor in generating new business.

ADVES is increasingly recognised as a global brand in reputation management, and it is clear to us in our daily dealings with new and existing clients that consumers are having more say and influence over companies’ reputations. Good reviews or bad ones can make or break a business.

Important to mention that not only bad but no reviews at all can also have an adverse effect on a potential customer’s first impressions of what you’re all about. People searching online, in particular, will always select a business with a better reputation, as reflected in search results, and it’s in your interests to make sure that’s you. Your efforts should be in garnering the right choices. Getting the correct feedback for clients is our priority, and that’s mainly through achieving great reviews on the major platforms catering for your enterprise and services.

Boosting those sales

With a strong and positive reputation, potential clients will feel more confident in coming to you. Your enquiry conversion rate will increase, business continuity will be assured, and brand equity will be boosted.

Take a look around at who’s causing a buzz in your market area. It’s a sure thing that these competitors will be getting great write-ups on social media and consumer platforms. If you can do similarly, say, with the launch of an attractive new credit product or a really worthwhile banking facility, you could get the right amount of positive attention and maybe even outshine the opposition. ADVES has the experience and know-how to help clients do this and stand out from the competition by offering something new and special, thereby attracting rave reviews across the board.

Be more in control

When online reviews start to get out of control, take back being in charge by better managing your reputation, completely removing the blight, adopt strategic responses and start generating positive material and vibes about you and your services on the Internet.

You’re in the financial business, so look at reviews like a form of credit scoring for your business. As was mentioned above, not having any online comment about you can be on a par with all the negative stuff. An important part of our job is to generate and inspire much praising feedback from both existing and new clients. You can call it giving a leg up in the great consumer horse race.

The value of surveys and creative campaigning

Start bumping up some good reviews, and you can start to compile feedback from your customers, which you may then use to increase your company’s good standing. ADVES can use this information to send out surveys to all the loyal client consumers along with worthwhile incentives to respond in the right way. You can call it referrals with rewards. With this up and running, we analyse the results, which then allows us to devise an actionable course to improve your business better.

Financial service providers like yourself can benefit hugely from the digital marketing strategies we employ towards this goal. You can focus on your best range of clients, invest well in such activity and so be in a good position to scale up your business. We advise lending firms, financial advisors, and fintech enterprises to create solid and workable plans to achieve their business objectives. It’s a very competitive market that you’re in, but we relish the challenges. To assist you driving ahead in the consistent getting of quality leads and putting your name on the map as a respected and resourceful force to deal with in the consumer’s eye.

Get that client base growing

Strategic online marketing will see your client base expand beyond expectation and within your preferred demographic. We take your message to the people, your audience, to stimulate positive responses in terms of product and service enquiries which will inevitably become one of a multitude of conversions you seek.

An on the ball reputation management company should fully comprehend what’s involved in making a company give its very best online in financial services. Our own chartered success in the financial and fintech industries has provided a unique understanding of the sector and how best it operates. We know all about the regulatory landscape you work in and all the compliance requirements of financial professionals such as yourself. We do this by quality and quantitative research, meticulous data analysis which, when fused together, evolve into strategic campaigns that will effectively home in on your target audience and demographic. All of this eliminates wasted spend because you’re no longer fumbling in the dark but actually going somewhere in the light.

ADVES endeavours to go the extra mile in connecting financial service providers, fintech companies and all associated organisations with the key stakeholders out there. Those prime decision-makers in your industry to ensure you consistently reap the benefits of new business.

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